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What Are Some Cool Microsoft Powerpoint Tricks?

1.MAke HD videos from powerpoint There is a simple feature from powerpoint to convert your presentations and export them in videos
 this feature can be used for creating many wonderful animated videos, with help of easy to use animations,editing tools etc. of MS Powerpoint I think many don’t know this and many who know also never use it.. Just watch to video for a short guide . 2. Format Painter This format painter can be used if you need to copy the style and formatting of one object to other one
 This trick has saved me a lot of time till now. All you need to do is select the object or text whose format you want to copy >> click on format painter button in Home menu And after this, select the object you want the format to be copied to. 3. Save as Powerpoint show This one i think almost everybody knows
 You can save your ppts in special format which when opened will directly start playing your slideshow. Just go to “Save as” and select powerpoint show (pps) in “save as type” Subscribe and follow my channel for More simple PC Tips and Tricks . FB . Daily PC hacks - FG Youtube . Daily PC Hacks - FG

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