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PDF is a versatile cross-platform file type designed by Adobe® Systems using PostScript language. The document’s display doesn’t rely on an operating system or viewing software. It’s uniform on every device.
Technical details
In 2008, PDF became an international standard (ISO 32000-1:2008). The format displays 2D documents with text, vector images, interactive elements, links, and video. The user can set different passwords or electronic signatures to protect documents.
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How to use a combine and reorder PDF tool:

Upload your PDF document to the website.
Upload more files you want to combine.
Reorder parts of the file.
Search, highlight, blackout, or erase any information.
Add graphic elements, pictures, or photos.
Insert clickable hyperlinks and custom annotations.
Create and add your legally-binding e-signature and current date.
Finish by clicking DONE and send your form, download it or print it out.

Features Comparison Chart

When choosing software for combining and reordering in PDF, it's better to check a variety of different alternatives. That's why we've built this chart to highlight the pros and cons of the most popular services on the market. Pick the one with the features you need.
Combine And Reorder PDF
Soda PDF
Rotate PDF
Compress PDF
Extract Pages
Split PDF
Merge PDF
File Conversion
PDF to Word
PDF to Excel
Word to PDF
Excel to PDF
Web to PDF
Mac PDF Conversion
Pages to Doc
Doc to Pages
Numbers to XLS
XLS to Numbers
File Protection & Signing
eSign PDF
Protect PDF
Password PDF
Unlock PDF
Share PDF
iOS and Android Apps
Chrome Web Store - Extensions
Other Features
No Software Downloads
Encryption and Security
No ads

What Our Customers Say

Executive Assistant
I have to say that this tool is the best one for working with PDF pages. It easily merges PDF files and allows you to rearrange their page order. It's made my job so much easier.
Pharmaceutical Lawyer
If you are looking for a fast and reliable tool for combining PDFs, this is the one you need. The simplicity of its functionality is superb. The fact I most appreciate is that it does not charge me for merging multiple documents.
Office Manager
Good online service. I have used it multiple times to merge and sort PDF pages and each time I'm left satisfied. It has an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.


How to combine and reorder PDF online?
You can combine your PDFs in one file and reorder pages in them using our service. To do that, create an account. Upload the first document that will be basic for further editing. Add other files and place them in needed places. Make sure your doc looks like you want and export it in a preferred way.
How to combine and reorder PDF pages online for free?
Start a free trial on our website, merge files, or rearrange them as often as you need. You don't need to install any programs; all the tools are available in your device's web-browser.
How to easily combine and arrange PDFs without additional software?
The most convenient way to complete tasks of such type is to utilize online platforms. Using a service like ours, you can quickly and easily merge or rearrange PDFs without installing additional software.
How do I combine PDF files into one?
We recommend you to use our convenient service. Create an account, add documents you need to combine and export a new file in a few minutes.
How to reorder PDF pages?
Sign up for our service and add any sample to the system. Then, open it and find the rearrange option on the top of the left toolbar with page thumbnails. You will be able to add or delete pages, move them or duplicate. When you finish reordering, just save the document and download it or send it via email.
How to combine PDF files on Mac offline?
Apple devices have many opportunities for managing PDFs. Open a file with the Preview program (installed by default) and drag and drop new documents to the thumbnails toolbar. Then, select File > Print > Save as PDF.
Why can't I combine PDF files?
Most likely, you use the wrong software. Try using our service; it doesn't require any installations. You can merge files and rearrange pages directly in your browser.
How to combine PDF documents?
First of all, you need to find the most convenient tool for you. It can be Preview on Mac, Adobe Acrobat, or various online solutions. We highly recommend you to use of high-quality and reliable service to manage all your PDFs. Try it now with a free trial!
How to combine PDFs without Adobe Acrobat subscription?
The universal solution is to use online platforms like ours. You can merge and rearrange PDFs without Adobe Acrobat or any other software that needs to be installed.
Where to combine PDF files?
Of course, it's better to handle document management online. For example, with our service, you can use your account and manage PDFs from any place around the globe without the need for having your own device.
Can I reorder PDF pages with your service?
Of course. You can reorder PDFs using our service with ease. Just create an account, upload a file and rearrange pages in a document how you need. Then, you will be able to export a sample in multiple ways: download it, send it via email or even fax.
How to combine PDF without losing the signature?
Our service allows you to manage PDFs without losing signatures or any other interactive elements. Moreover, you can add an e-signature directly during the combining process.
I want to combine PDF. Is it safe?
The process of combining and rearranging PDFs is safe if you use our reliable service. We use the latest encryption methods and auto-logging out to protect your data.
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