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How Do You Combine 100 PDF Files?

To do this, you need a special program that works with PDF files. I know that there are many converters that work with various formats (both online and desktop). But some of them are paid. I want to recommend you a free program that I use myself. Since I am studying at a university, I need to use various programs for working with documents. I am merging files in PDFChef. What is convenient in this program for me? Firstly, it’s easy - the program has a clear interface. Secondly, this program works quickly. Agree with me, that it’s unpleasant when the program constantly slows down and you spend a lot of time converting files. Thirdly, it is safe. Fourthly, this program is multifunctional. Fifthly, it is available from any device (regardless of which operating system you have - Mac, Win or Linux). Working with the program is very easy! You simply select and upload files to the download window, wait a couple of seconds, and then download the finished file to your computer!

Combine and Reorder PDF: All You Need to Know

I hope that the list is helpful.

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