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Hey what's up guys this massive tech and in this video I will show you how you can just capture a long screenshot in one go so basically you takes multiple screenshots by reading an article and for example let's open the chrome and search for any article so we will search for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as this device is planning a lot and it will be releasing 9 few days or months so let's open this website GSM arena and this website is really good for this specification and we will just try to capture some of the screenshots in this so basically we have to just capture screenshot like this we have to capture separate screen shots if you want to capture the screenshot of this whole specification so and we have to just viewing the gallery by sliding it so how we can take in one go so no need to take separate sniff shirt so we have to install this app stitch and share pigskin short so just search for this app stitch and share big screen shirt and install it and then hit that stop button and after installing just open the app and then you can add a short manually also but it will do automatically to but I am just showing you if you have already some screen shows you can just add them to and you can see here you can add multiple screen shot but you have to go in the settings and you have to enable this first option automatically detect screen source if they are the same type same article stay in pay so that it can automatically stitch in one go so we have done this part and now just back to the Chrome browser and let's close this app so let's see if it's working or not so we will try to capture some screenshot from this on the top to this M so we want to capture this whole screenshot of the specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note cell so we will capture skin short like this so my phone has a features - from volume down in poverty simultaneous need to capture screenshot if you won't have another option just use that so I am just taking the funds first finisher now for the second Street should you have to just take the small portion of the first skinny short of the end so that it can automatically detect it so we have this take small portion of the first screenshot in the second snapshot in the second screen so we have captured that so you can see it automatically detects and you're certain air screen sort straight so it's just the screenshot and make it in a one screenshot so now let's take some more sneeze shirt and just taking some of the portion of the second stretcher in the third one and now third in the fourth one like this ...