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PDF Mergy: What You Should Know

Download Soda PDF — free — The latest version Soda PDF 8 Review — DigitalTrends Pros:  Tough to get around; has no ads (free) Tutorials (also free); works in both Windows & Mac Cons:  It is quite difficult to find in your country (at least in my case) Soda PDF Download — free — the latest version Pros: The user interface is rather intuitive but some features — like formatting — are not entirely obvious unless you have experience with an older version of PowerPoint. The software has been  Download Soda PDF from for Windows — free with registration and trial versions Download Sugar PDF 6 review — CMA Pros: The most complete solution among the free PDF designers available. Has support for almost any formatting;  Tutorials and examples are provided. Cons: The program supports only PDF with tables whereas other applications support all tables and tables with graphics. However,  Graphing functions are easy to use and the program can be downloaded separately and installed in seconds. Graphing Table Designer Review — GeeksForGeeks Pros: Powerful features and easy-to-use interface Cons: Requires an initial investment of more than a grand Download Sugar PDF 6 review — CMA Pros: Powerful features that can easily be combined into a fully-featured  Sugar PDF 7, 8 and 9 Review Pros: The ability to have text, tables and graphics all in one file makes it easy to create a complex presentation. Cons: Only supports PDFs with tables  Download Sugar PDF 7, 8 and 9 review — CMA Pros: It comes in handy when sharing or printing. Features include “Save for Web”, and “Save for Print”. Cons: The documentation is very poor, although it does include examples. Download Sugar PDF 7, 8 and 9 Review — CMA Pros: Easy to read and create documents, such as flyers. Allows for PDFs with images. Features include “Save for Web” and “Save for Printing”. Cons: The interface is quite convoluted and confusing, while some features are difficult to navigate Download Sugar PDF 7, 8 and 9 Review — CMA Pros: The interface is easy to use, with smooth scrolling. Great support for multi-page documents. Cons: Lack of basic tools like a font editor. Supports most document types.

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