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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing combine jpg to pdf mac
Instructions and Help about combine jpg to pdf mac

Music hey guys welcome to our channel tactics world amedy Shenzhen and in this video I'm going to talk about combining multiple JPEG images into one PDF on Mac computer so first of all you have to finalize which are the images that you want to combine so in this folder I have four images that I want to combine into one PDF so first of all you have to select all of these images either you can do like this or by just pressing command a to select all of these images now right-click click on go to open width and click on preview so now all the images are opened in preview app go to file menu click on print and go to this option click on this and click on save as PDF now there are so many options you have you can fill as per your requirement I am just giving this PDF file a name image collection I'm not giving it any tag for now you can give it anything if you want and then I'm keeping this on desktop title I'm not changing author I'm not changing subject you can any do you can add anything keywords you can add anything in security options you can set a password if you want to secure your PDF file for now I'm not giving any password to this file just clicking on save okay that's it now close this and see if any PDF file is created or not so you can see that the image collection PDF file is created just double-click to open it and see all the images are in this PDF so this is how you can combine multiple JPEG images into one PDF that's it hope you like this video thank you for watching you.