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How To Send Image As PDF In Whatsapp: What You Should Know

PDF files right on WhatsApp. How to send image as PDF in WhatsApp? If you are not able to send the image, you have two options to send a PDF file. You can send an image file or an image file as PDF. You can also transfer a PDF from one device to another. Step 1: Select the target. When you send an image file to someone, it will get transformed into a .pdf file. To transfer PDF file easily, use a web service to download the file. Step 2: Get the file. You can get PDF file from internet using free PDF reader app. Here is the screenshot of our free PDF viewer. Example of How to Send Image As PDF In WhatsApp? You can also use our How To Send PDF File in WhatsApp?  For further information about PDF file.  The images you send as PDFs should be in the highest quality.

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