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What argument do I have in the Florida traffic court system against a person who, in a roundabout in my neighborhood, blew through the yield to enter sign then slammed on his brakes causing me to rear end his vehicle? I got the ticket.
You didn't drive his car over the speed limit.. He was. That was on him. He slammed on the brakes because if he would have gone full speed into the roundabout he would have hit a passing car having the right of way. Or caused his car to potentially topple over. Was that driver being smart? By no means he was being smart. You most likely were either matching his speed or sticking too close to his bumper. The fact he was speeding is immaterial in this case. You didn't have to match his speed. You didn't have to be so close to his car to have rear ended him. You should have identified this situation and kept your distance. The reason behind is is you have now been ticketed rightfully. I see hasty drivers a lot. I direct traffic for a living. It's easier for a car behind another car to anticipate the driver's reaction in front of them. You are looking forward obviously. It's not nearly as easy to anticipate the action of a driver behind you. Lucy you got some sin to do. Sorry mate. Hire a lawyer who can turn this around in your favor. Legally the blame is all on you.