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What are the most useful gems to use in Rails?
RubyGems were developed to simplify and accelerate the stages of the application creation deployment and library connection. Utilizing this package manager for Ruby saves you time as you get ready-made solutions to almost any task instead of writing the functions from scratch. Each gem contains a particular element of functionality including all related files. Unfortunately they aren structured in any way so in order to find ruby gems it better to use a regular search engine and the required key words (check GitHub s ). Our dedicated development team also actively employs Ruby Gems in the process of software development. Here is the top of the most popular and useful ruby gems according to our experience GeoCoder s . Being able to connect through itself over 4 APIs this Ruby gem implements both the direct and reverse geocoding by IP address geographical coordinates and even real physical addresses (e.g. the address of the street). Bullet s . The most downloaded Ruby gems out there. It was initially created with an intention to boost software performance. It does so by decreasing the total amount of client-server requests. Basically Bullet tracks the N+1 cases of requests and notifies the developer when other tools can be used instead (e.g. cache counter). Pry s . We rmend to simplify the bug fixing procedures for your RoR-based application with the Pry gem which is a more advanced alternative to the standard IRB wrapper. ActiveModelSerializers s (which starts lagging while processingpound documents) and uses caching. Fast JSON API s . Fast JSON API wille in handy when you need fast serialization of software code. It works much faster than Wicked PDF s . This gem is working alongside with wkhtmltoPDF s and helps realizing an interaction with the DSL generator. Devise Masquerade s . This Ruby gem helps developing multi user apps. In particular youll be able to test your app from the perspective of users with different levels of access. Devise s . Based on the MVC model the Devise gem can provide secure user authentication and session management. Letter opener s . If you need to create a newsletter mechanism to send notifications to all users that launched your app this gem will help you do that much easier you won need to integrate and configure your own SMTP server. Money Rails s . If you are planning to integrate your app with Ruby Money this gem wille in quite handy. Pundit s . A tool that allows defining different levels of access to the app functionality according to the rights of an authorized user.
What is the least known tank of WW2?
Oh boy I've been waiting for this What is the least known tank of WW2? My answer has to be The RIKSTANK The Rikstank was basically a Norwegian modification of the also quite unknown Landsverk L-12 built by Landsverk in Sweden. In Norway post-WWI no one had the idea of getting a tank for the army until 1937. The reason for this was that Norway thought that they could remain neutral in another war just like WWI. When 1937 came and the Department of defense finally realised that war was inbound they decided to buy themselves a tank from neighbouring Sweden. When looking at the (quite empty) budget they saw that the only thing they could afford was the chassis of a tank and no less than a light tank that had been rejected italic by Sweden for not having any use in a modern conflict. When the tank (aka chassis) had been acquired the Army got to work building this tracked wonder. There were two peculiarities with the vehicle made during the building process the first being making a custom turret for fitting Norways own machine gun the Colt M which was basically a higher velocity Browning M1917 (larger round of 792x61mm). The second peculiarity was theplete rebuilding of the driving system. The Rikstank was not fitted with the usual levers of other tanks but rather a steering wheel pedals and a stick shifter for ease of training. The first training the vehicle was part of was the 1937 winter training which showed critical weaknesses in the vehicle. First off it had a tendency to break down and it had a top speed of 25kph if you wanted it to stay together. Its turret was also hand cranked with a single inhabitant. Apart from this it did its job good enough. Combat history of the vehicle is probably the shortest paragraph in its story. The vehicle was left in a garage at Gardermoen when the order to mobilise was given and since then no one has seen it. Specifications Weight 4kg empty up to 8kg loaded Engine Volvo ? 85hp Top speed theoretically 5kph practically 25kph Armament 1x792mm Colt M Armour let's be honest it didnt have any (still beats out the Semple all day) Crew 2 Units made 1 Units lost ? Media ^ being offloaded to join military training Image taken by the Germans after it was captured. Last time it was photographed. My first real answer with images. Feel free to tell me what I did wrong! Sources Landsverk L-12 on Wikipedia and some Norwegian sources. EDIT I'll spill some more about it t(h)anks for 1 upvotes! I never thought people actually would like this! The tank was officially called Landsverk L-12 All the other names are puns made by the personnel. For example Rikstanken is abination of Riks which means country's and tanken which is singular proper of thought. The meaning of Rikstanken is then some nationwide thought. The vehicle was also known as Kongstanken with Kongs meaning King's and representing a grand idea. (And I'll spill the beans here this was not the only armoured vehicle Norway had pre-WWII but I'll write about those armoured cars later on)
I wake up to the apocalypse. I'm the last man on Earth. What information should I search for before the Internet dies?
Cool question. My guess is that the anwers pretty much track Myers-Briggs. The ES's want you to download a map IN's want you to download a Monet print. Rather than propose an answer and defend it I am going to think out loud with you here see what wee up with. First this is not an earthbound version of The Martian. He had friends and famly wanted to get home etc. Basically nothing had changed for him. He was just a long ways away from home. This is a different thing altogether; human life on earth is by definition over. And within that framework your longterm survival is likely not in danger. You can start generators to get freezers working you can grow and kill stuff and there is enough gasoline in the parked cars around you to run any motor you need forever. It wont be a walk in the park but you aren't going to die. I would also have to spend some time divorcing myself from all the things I thought life was about. There is no one to think I am making wise decisions or poor ones. Whether I connect a generator to a mansion house on a lake or to a prewar bungalow no one is to care and there is no success or status to be gained either way. Finally the reality to which we were all blind will now be the one I am actually living in that absolutely nothing effing matters. Nothing. And even if I am wrong if finding food proves to be difficult the ulimate prspects don't really change. I die now or later and all of humanity with me nothing of value to be stored by prolonging it. Therefore this is not about survival. but about who one is as a person. To some it is an assumption that God exists but to me it is a fact so I know to not worry about the aloneness. Whether the extraordinary circumstances will bring an as yet unexperiencedmunication or whether it will be as now I don't know but either way I know I will laugh reason and say shit when I hit my thumb with a hammer and do all this with someone. I will miss my wife. Not my kids who I will assume are fine. But I am notplete without my wife. I will probably connect a generator to a small bungalow someone had spared no expense to modernize but without her there to experience the decision with me it will be somewhat empty of satisfaction. I will have to spend some time gearing myself up for life of this and will trust God to keep me from going bananas over it. I have now concluded that what I actually do or how long I am able to do it is of little consequence. What is important is how I go about living. I will enjoy the process or I will fall right back into the meaningless search for something that can't be found here. This will bring me to your question what do I need to most know or keep? From this perspective I cannot think of one thing I need to see on a screen right now. The suggestions for an information dump make sense but a large enough dump is a library and I have a couple of those within walking distance. So I would walk over to the nearestputer reach down and turn it off. I would then make sure I had car with gas in it a generator powering the critical things and I would then sit and watch the sunset for the first time in my life.
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