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Smalld: What You Should Know

Features considered in scope  small is designed to be a lightweight, minimalistic client for the Discord API. It aims to provide an API to interact with Discord in a simple and intuitive manner. Features considered in scope  As of July 10th, 2017, the original source code of Small is now available for download under the MIT license. Unicode String “ʉ‰ (U+1D63) — Small Unicode String “ʉ‰ (U+1D63); Name: Character Code Small U ; Encoding: UTF-8 Unicode String “ʉ‰ (U+1D63) ; Name: Unicode Code Point Small C ; Encoding: UTF-8 Small M ; Encoding: UTF-8 ; Block: Phonetic Extensions, U+202A — U+2661 ; Locale: en-US Small A ; Encoding: UTF-8 Small is a minimalist Java library for making Discord bots. Small takes care of just the necessities of communicating with the Discord API, and is based on Discord itself.

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