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Is there a way to scan to PDF in Picasa?
You can scan and import to Picasa and then print to PDF from Picasa for any imported image. For some reason you seem to be wanting to skip one of the steps in this process.
What is a good, free "scan-to-pdf " app for my windows-based PC?
Do you have a scanner if you have connected yourputer to a scanner or a printer with scanning feature therees a free app for your to manage the scanned files. That to mean you only need to feed the paper into the scanner and launch the driver to scan and save the scanned copies on yourputer. If you don have a scanner you can capture the files first then upload the image files to online OCR programs this is the only one free solution I came up to scan to PDF s hope it helpful.
How do I scan to pdf from old HP printer in windows 7?
You have three options for scanning using an old brother printer Find the HP software that came with your scanner. Many brother printer aren supported by newer operating systems but you can find this out by searching google for hp XXX scanner driver where XXX is the model name. Use 3rd party scanner software like VueScan. Our software VueScan supports 1167 HP scanners. We re-implement scanner drivers so you can keep old scanners with newputers. ordered-list
How do I scan a document to a PDF from an HP printer?
If you haven done this already when setting up the printer you should go to HP web site choose your model of printer and download and install the all-in-one installer for that model. This should give you an application that includes a scanning option and within its settings an option to create a PDF.
Is there any good scanning app for Android, that converts photo to PDF?
Since you are searching the best document scanning apps I would rmend you this document scanning app for Android italic . I use this app on a daily basis for scanning my documents. I know there are pretty badass apps from Adobe and Microsoft but they are way too expensive for just a scan. TapScanner - Document Scanner Image to Text PDF - Apps on Google Play s As we all know CamScanner is now banned in India and it should be because we can trust Chinese apps nowadays. italic Features Clear Scan nScan Document without losing quality Convert them into PDF and share your scanned documents through Whatsapp Google Drive etc. OCR - Optical Character Recognition nDocument Scanner - TapScanner uses OCR - Optical Character Recognition technology to create from s 152 72 TapScanner - Document Scanner Image to Text PDF - Apps on Google Play s
What is the best industrial scanner? I want to scan books to PDF
If you have a little time technical ability and a lower budget this might be something worth looking into six years of open source book scanning technology It a concept from the Hackaday challenge that be a full kit that you can buy now. This thing was designed to be able to scan books into PDF files and it appears to be pretty solid from a design standpoint. The best part? it definitely cheaper than anything youll find from a majorpany. Here a post from the original Hackaday project Six Years of Work and Rationale In A DIY Book Scanner Documented s Hope you find a good solution!
Is it possible to use a document camera (like HUE or Elmo) to scan documents to PDF?
Document cameras can record and take photos of the document but not directly in PDF as usual scanners would. It would usually create it in JPG format. What you can do is to convert those photos using online editors to turn those s into PDF online. It has capabilities of converting any format to PDF for free and its user friendly. All you have to do is choose the tool upload and convert then save.