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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to convert jpg to pdf on windows 10 offline
Instructions and Help about how to convert jpg to pdf on windows 10 offline

Hey what's up guys and welcome to applications daily tech tips and in today's tech tip you learning how to convert a jpg or PNG or any image file for that matter into a PDF document and we're doing this in Windows 10 without installing anything and other apps out there and tools that you can use to do this but if you're like me and you don't want to have third party installs or sketchy apps downloading stuff into your computer then this tutorial is for you so on your Windows 10 machine find the image that you want to convert into a PDF open it confirm that the image you want to convert to PDF now what you want to do is right click on the image and make sure you open with the photos up the default Photos app that comes with a Windows 10 installation so click on photos and when that image is open in the Photos app you have the opportunity to do a little bit of cropping and editing if you wish to but if you luck with the image you can go ahead and click on the print menu and from the print menu you can now choose whether you want this to be in landscape mode or portrait mode you can choose the size of the pages in your PDF document you can choose how you want the photo to appear if you need any page margins you can choose them if you need to shrink to fit or maybe you want to fill page just do what you need to do to make your PDF document exactly the way you want it to look and when you're done with all that go to the printer menu this is where you select the printer you want to use to print normally but for today since we're not printing we actually printing to PDF which means we are creating a PDF document from the image select Microsoft print to PDF and that's selected you can go ahead and click on print and it's not gonna ask you where you want to save your PDF document so I'll save mine on the desktop and call it and call it that and then I'll click on save and that image now converted into a PDF document which is right here so when I click on this I'll use any PDF viewer like a browser or the Arabic robots to open my PDF documents that's my PDF document that was previously an image now what if you need to convert multiple images into a PDF document it what do you do now for this one instead of right-clicking and selecting photos you need to open the photos up fast and the Photos app automatically imports all the images in the pictures folder on your computer so all the images in your pictures folder won't be found right there now if the images.