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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to split pdf pages free
Instructions and Help about how to split pdf pages free

Welcome to Xtreme web designs my name is rocky and in this video I'm going to show you how to split PDF or extract pages from PDF for free using Google Chrome so let's get started so on my desktop I have a sample PDF file in your case you can take any PDF file of your choice and drag it and drop it in a Google Chrome browser window so I have my Google Chrome browser here so I'm gonna drag and drop the PDF file in it like so and once you drop the file in the browser window you're gonna see the tool bar on the top one of these icons is a print option if you don't have this toolbar make sure that you have installed the Adobe Acrobat Reader from their website right now as we can see here there are 10 pages in this PDF and if I scroll down so as you can see there's NP r--'s here so now let's try to split some pages so click on the production here run the pop-up you can see that it gives me an option to print all the pages so which means you can extract all the pages if you want by leaving the pages option set to the all option and click on save it's gonna ask where to save the new PDF file so let's say sample 2 and from stop we can see that the sample too has been generated for us if I open it up and scroll down it should have ten pages as we can see here it has ten and if I scroll down yes so it has generated ten pages for us in your PDF file but we would like to print only pages five and seven so let's go back and let's do the print option once again and this time select the second option by clicking on this radio button and now here you can enter the page numbers that you would like to print say for example I want to print five and seven so I'm going to type in five comma seven and now you can notice that it has counted the total number of pages as to which is right so simply click on the Save button it's gonna ask to save so let's save it as sample three that PDF now let's minimize and see so sample three has been generated for us so let's verify it with our original PDF file so let's go to page number five as you can see that's the chapter one on page number five and that's exactly what we have on the first page so let's go to page number seven over here in the original PDF that's what we have PDF and PDF latex capabilities and that's exactly what we should have on the second page as you can see that's what we have that's how you basically.