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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing compress pdf to 500kb


How do you compress a PDF file from 500KB to less than 150KB?
A2A. There are many softwares available online. You can just Google as pdf filepressor online and youll get plenty of resources forpression. If you want to develop some software kind of stuff for achieving this you need to study aboutpression thoroughly. Read my other answers aboutpression and let me know if you need any help further. Thanks !
How do I compress a 500 kb PDF file to less than 100 kb without affecting readability? It is fine if the format has to be changed to JPG too.
This may or may not be possible depending on how much of the file consists of s several programs exist to recode the file replacing the s contain important ). Adobe full version of Acrobat and other PDF manipulation programs can do this. If you have the original file you may find it easier to modify the resolution of the s more as they are saved. Another way to reduce the PDF file size is to use only standard fonts rather than include non-standard fonts in the file.