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Small PDF Download Cracked: What You Should Know

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How can I download the SAT prep books for free?
Well there are LOTS of websites here are few which i know and used; New SAT Downloads SAT Physics Subject Test Full-length Practice Test 3 ordered-list There are many but i used only crack sat. Just a small advice Its great that you want to use free resources but don totally depend on it. At least get the official ge for SAT by college board which is a must according to me. Hope this helps !
Learning from the mistakes of the NEET 2019, what are your strategies for the NEET 2020?
Well this will be my last answer for now and wille back after the results. May still be active on Quora for my own questions. Anyways ) So I scored 514 in NEET 219 the worst thing was Imited 2 OMR blunders and 435 Question blunders which amounts to 35 marks still it a mistake only so I have accepted it and learnt from it big time. nWhat my strategy now? Know I have the concepts and the discipline so made a decision to go for self study over coaching. Not going to touch anything apart from NCERT for biology and inorganic chemistry. Not going to run behind multiple books for Physics. Previous year you wouldn imagine I tried to do DC Pandey Medical Version USS HCV (not that serious) D Mukherjee and NEET Ge and obviously I didn end uppleting even one of them. Not to forget the other books I explored for days like Resnick Halliday or Dinesh. Now I am focusing totally only on MTG Neet Ge and JEE Main Previous Year papers and HCV for theory. Not ignoring Organic Chemistry and making it my strong point. Previously my knowledge about the subject was superficial hence I survived in NEET but I drowned in AIIMS and now I am focusing absolutely on the concepts and mechanisms and trying to love the subject. Giving Allen online test series and never missing even one due to stupid reasons like I didnplete the syllabus like previous year and analysing it the same day from top to bottom. Slap yourself the moment I realise I am procrastinating anything. Revision Revision and Revision. Trying to inculcate meditation in my daily schedule to brush off negativity or unwanted thoughts. One mistake which will still be there is mentorship. I didn't interact with my teachers or any successful aspirant while at coaching and now that I am self studying obvio I won't get a good mentor. Feel bad for this still if you are getting it avail it for sure. One biggest mistake I did earlier wasn loving the process and taking it as a burden- now I take my studies as my Oreo biscuit Sticks- my favourite things. Removing even the slightest of trace of any self doubt that AIIMS Delhi isn for me or so. Self doubt is lethal in your journey- I learnt it big time. Well that all of I can think of now. Give me a big cheers in thements and wish me luck for this year!nHope the next time I write it be- Apna time aa gaya ) Signing off for now italic
What are the tips for cracking the UPSC on the first attempt?
Hi everyone Today I want to share with you the story of Vaibhav Gondane. He secured AIR 25 in UPSC Civil Services Exam218. Hee from Pune Maharashtra and have done his in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from College of EngineeringPune. He graduated in 218 and in the very first attempt at age of 22 secured an AIR- 25. Now let us discuss this interesting journey further and know what things worked for him. PRELIMS He believed prelims is one of the toughest phase of this exam seeing the sheer number of people giving the exam and the consistent unpredictability that UPSC brings in the questions. To tackle prelims he followed the same general list of books Ancient History- RS Sharma Medieval History -Satish Chandra Art and Culture -Nitin Singhania+11th std. NCERT Fine Arts Modern History 3 Bipan Chandra+Spectrum Geography -11th and 12th standard NCERTs Polity -Laxmikant Economics -11th and 12th standard books on Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. Environment -Had googled major national parks sanctuariesetc. + followed questionsing in past year question papers. Science and Tech -Followed Current Affairs+ did basic study of nuclear space technology etc. from internet. Current Affairs -The Hindu newspaper and Vision IAS monthly magazine. He mentionrd the contribution of Online Coaching in his success in prelims. He was a student of online prelims test series programme of a coaching institute and regularly gave the tests on weekly high quality of questions along with detailed explanation helped me to ace my prelims. Apart from the basic books he suggested aspirants to go through the previous years question papers to understand the level of UPSC questions. It is also imperative to at-least solve around 5-6 mock tests that will help to get real exam like experience. MAINS For Mains his first advice everyone to download UPSC syllabus and practically memorise it. It will help to filter out the mains related information from the varied sources that we read for the exam. He followed the same books for mains as mentioned above. It cover other aspects he had followed Vision IAS booklets which are available online. He had made short notes on all sub-parts of GS syllabus on ever-note and revised it multiple times. With this he think answer writing is equally if not more important to clear mains with good marks. He used to write 3-4 answer daily. He had also given 8 full length mock tests at Vision IAS. In every answer he tried to give some data make a diagram flowchart map etc. wherever possible. But he also suggested not to overdo it. GS answers should cover multiple a small solution oriented conclusion is perhaps appreciated by UPSC. His focus in mains was toplete his paper and write good quality content in maximum management is crucial for this and hence a lot of answer writing practice is needed. In a nutshell will say that mains is 5% reading and 5% writing with proper time management and giving justice to majority of questions. INTERVIEW UPSC calls interview as Personality it is a test of personality and not knowledge which has already been tested in mains exam. Here the focus should be on thorough study of each and every word of Detailed Application Form predicting maximum questions that can be asked. He believes honesty confidence and calmness is rewarded in interview than mere knowledge. He believed that his success lies in reading limited books doing maximum revision giving lot of mock tests and doing answer writing practice. He further added that reading NCERT Books helped him a lot in both Prelims and Mains. Now it's my personal request to every UPSC aspirant that please read NCERT Books and if you don't have them then don't worry. I am providing you with a from where you can download them for free in PDF format. Go Guys! Get them and Study. NCERT Books For Classes 6 to 12 - Free PDF Download s Lastly he also said that UPSC is not the end of it should be treated just like an we learn during the course of preparation for UPSC is helpful throughout our life. All the best to everyone!
What is your success story of cracking the RBI assistant?
Being from bankers family and interest in finance sector i always had attraction to join country's central BANK OF INDIA It all started on June 12 215 when I saw notification for RBI assistant. I was not eligible at that time as I was studying in third year of graduation. But I made my mind that I will serve in this organisation only. In 216 i became graduated and started preparing for bank and insurance exams. Meanwhile RBI assistant notification came on 7th November 216 for which I was regourously waiting. I started to study really hard for that. I applied for it gave the preliminary examination. Attempted 88 questions passed it easily. Now in the main examination owing to my poor english and poorputer section I able to score only out of 2. And cut off were 111.5. uff.. One of the most heartbreaking moment in my life. Meanwhile I got selected in Bank of India as a clerk and in NIACL as a assistant. I started my career in NIACL in August 217. Now main part. It was diwali festival in 217 i was gifted my favorite phone from my brother for my first job. I just started that phone and just open bankersadda website randomly to check functions of phone and boom I saw RBI assistant notification. I was not much enthusiastic this time as I already had bitter experience with this examination. But still my dream didn't let me down. And I applied for it. And from there it started the series of bad things. It was 27th November 217 I had having high fever still I went to the examination attempted only 71 questions and lost all hopes right there as I know cut off would be higher than my attempts. On result day I got stunned after seeing my roll number in PDF. I thought cut off may be between 6537 for mumbai office. When scorecard released I came to know that I got marks due to high accuracy in English. Few days after the result I came to know through RTI that cutoff was also .(probably lowest score in general category in the whole country) A big sigh of relief. As I was not expecting this result i never prepared for GA section but somehow I managed to prepare for it and written the examination. Aftering home from examination i was expecting that I would find my roll number in result PDF again. After one month of wait RBI finally announced the result on 19th January 218.I was lucky enough to find my roll number in result PDF. After that I gave LPT and got call for biometric verification on 13 march 218. Upto this all things were that's it. The era of bad things just actually started then. Some Mumbai Office candidats were rejected on the basis of LPT. It created huge controversy. Few of them went to Bombay high court and filed the petition. Initially we thought it will be end in few months but actually it took almost years. Other side of the coin. I was struggling in personal life as well due to some professional life problems. I was in dire situation of RBI job. Indeed 218 was a bad year for me. At the end of 218 I started to prepare for other examinations also as waiting for RBI result was just a futile thing then. I gave ESIC officer NIACL AO IBPS PO examinations. In NIACL prelim I got 8 marks and cut off was . One more heartbreak. In IBPS POI reached upto interview level but rejected in final list by some .95 the same time I got selected in ESIC as social security officer. Finally I thought good days areing. I got my home posting too. But again in a month I realised that this job is not satisfying my mind. Job was good staff is friendly but still something is missing. Again I was in nervous mode. Meanwhile RBI court case get resolved in March. And I thought result wille in few days but it was bad were passing and RBI was not announcing the result. 28 may 219 Just after another day in the office I came to home. And what I saw was just made my day. RBI started to release the assistant result office wise. I was refreshing that page after every minute. And around 6 P.M. RBI uploaded the result of Mumbai Office. That moment my heartbeats probably reached upto maximum level. In a hurry I downloaded the PDF. I search my roll number manually. I got strucked to one number and.. There it is. I made it in the final list. Hurrey I just screamed my roll number loudly and everyone in the home got overjoyed. A journey of one and a half year finally ended it is just a small victory in the long journeybut I am damn sure it will create series of success in the life. Finally a central banker. A dream of nearly four years finally fulfilled. Thank you. (RSD)
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